Connectivity issue


i’m new in the ipfs exploring community.
I try to run a ipfs service as docker container on my unraid.
The container is running, but ipfs daemon tells me…

root@9dd44cfbd083:/# ipfs daemon
Initializing daemon…
go-ipfs version: 0.5.1-8c67a90723
Repo version: 9
System version: amd64/linux
Golang version: go1.13.10

Error: lock /config/ipfs/repo.lock: someone else has the lock

do know this error?
How can i unlock the repo?

Many thanks,



Either a node hard crashed previously and didn’t cleaned the lock (but I think in this case IPFS would be able to detect that and cleanup the lock)
Or much probable (because hard crash are really rare on GO), you already have an other instance of IPFS running (could be a ipfs repo gc or an other daemon).

this docker is a clean setup without any other installations.

Mhhh… thats hard figure out the root… i will try to find it


could also be a left over lock that didn’t got cleaned (that pretty rare but can happen)
If you are totaly sure of no other node running you can rm -f it (I don’t remember the path, but it should be in ~/.ipfs/ probably)