Correlation between MT root and MT object hash

We’re using IPFS to store Merkle Tree objects.
Would there be any way to establish a correlation between a Merkle Tree root hash and IPFS hash of that Merkle Tree object?

I’m not sure I fully understand your question. But there is an --only-hash option for ipfs add which creates the hash without actually storing the data.

Thanks for the quick answer.
Basically, we’re storing a merkle tree as an IPFS object. That object has a hash as it’s address. What would be very useful for us is if there would be a way to construct that merkle tree in such way that a correlation between the IPFS object hash and the root node (also a hash) of the merkle tree can be established. We presume that it is not possible because hash functions are irreversible, but if it were possible, it would make our lives a lot easier :slight_smile:

You could store your Merkle Tree directly in IPLD instead of IPFS. Your hashes would then be preserved.

Thanks for the answer