`dag.put()` pending request

I am running ipfs daemon in my local machine:

go-ipfs version: 0.4.23-
Repo version: 7
System version: amd64/linux
Golang version: go1.13.7

And I am using

"ipfs-http-client": "^41.0.0"

to put and get raw binary data using client.dag.put(buffer, options) and client.dag.get(hash).

My problem is that for some put HTTP requests, the request remains pending and never returns.


I am not seeing errors on IPFS daemon log, and if I change the ipfs connection parameters to connect to infura using https, instead of to my local node, the error disappears.

Does anyone here has had this error before? any clues of what might be the cause?


It sounds to me like it may be a problem with Infura’s setup. Is it the same data that causes the issue or does it randomly start happening after a while?

Hi pepoospina, are you able to upgrade to the latest ipfs-http-client? I remember some changes that went in that might fix this.

are you able to upgrade to the latest ipfs-http-client

Yes, I updated to it yesterday, same results :frowning:

I am now using:

  • “ipfs-http-client”: “^44.0.0”
  • go-ipfs version: 0.5.0-rc4

I also checked the logs with ipfs logs tail and it’s weird that the pending requests don’t show anything in the logs.

Is it the same data that causes the issue or does it randomly start happening after a while?

Its different data, but if I compare the two requests they are identical in terms of headers and URL, being the binary payload the only difference I can spot.

what I meant is that it works when I connect to infura.

Try with the latest 0.4.x go-ipfs, 0.5rc brings others changes that might not work with http-client 44.
If 0.4.x go-ipfs and http-client 44 still don’t work can you please make an issue here https://github.com/ipfs/js-ipfs/issues ?


Ah gotcha, I misread your original post!

Can you get hold of some data that doesn’t work locally and verify that if you send the same data to infura it also does not work?

Also, do you know/can you find out what version of go-ipfs infura are running? If you can, you should check with this version running locally also.

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Hi @alanshaw, @hugomrdias.

I wanted to finish an internal sprint to review this issue.

I am now working with the latest ipfs 0.5.0 release and moved the daemon to an AWS instance and is working as expected.

Since I also updated stuff on our app, it’s possible that the issue was on our side and was solved, but I cannot be sure of that :roll_eyes:.

There might have been one time or two in which it seemed the daemon of AWS halted and I had to restart it manually. But I am not being able to recreate the issue.

We will be running more tests with more users soon and will see if the issue reappears or not.

Thanks for your support!


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