Infura gateway and Golang material

Could someone link me to some learning material regarding using the Infura gateway with Golang. I’m looking for some helpful tutorials that guide the reader on how to use the go-ipfs API to GET and PUT data using the Infura gateway. I’ve read the docs and all but really need a little hand holding right now because everything is still so new to me, thank you.

Hey @jhamPac , I’m also reading up on how to use it with Golang specifically, many guides exist for the JS ipfs-api library and Infura. I came across which aims to be similar. Try out the example (the complete example), and try replacing the newShell('localhost:5001') with newShellWithClient('').

Post how that goes and I’ll try to help out further.

I’m checking it out @seanwbren, thank you. I’m also still trudging through the docs too.