Documentation and Examples in go-ipfs-api

For sure everybody is focusing on getting rich by speculating on Filecoin at the moment but… (Just Kidding) I know for sure that the implementation for javascript got a huge interest from a lot of people, and I am wondering if there is any mantainer or what is the status for the go-ipfs-api in specific.

I am not a Go developer, but I am using it for my own side projects, and I would like to know if I could help by writing at least some documentation or more material for go-ipfs-api. Is there anybody already on it? Who is maintaining the project so could help me figuring out few things, like how to use IPFS PubSub?

I’m glad to hear that you’re interested in helping with docs! We will be doing a lot of work on docs in the coming months and it will be great to have lots of people contributing. The maintainers are all busy with other tasks for the next few weeks. IPFS efforts are likely to roar back into full force activity in about 6 weeks (lots of well deserved vacations coming up), but the individual maintainers will each ramp up their engagement according to their availability over the next few weeks.

The JavaScript api client ( and the Go api client ( are considered part of the core software, maintained by the people who work on the core JS and Go implementations.

The main maintainers for the JavaScript api client are @daviddias (@diasdavid on github) and @dignifiedquire

The main maintainers for the Go api client are @whyrusleeping and @kubuxu

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@Kubuxu, @whyrusleeping LMK if I can be helpful somehow :slight_smile: I would love to help

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Also, as a note, here is the full list of the IPFS HTTP API clients -

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