Is there a manual to build new apps/functionalities on IPFS

Asking just because the info is a bit scarce since this is a whole new thing. I’ve found some stuff here and there, but if you had some cool source that offers some steps or guidance, it would be cool.

Delete the topic if it’s redundant or innecessary :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you!!

Hi zookey,

i’m not sure a tutorial is officialy created for that. It can good idea !


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I’m a newbie and I’m slowly “clawing my way through” IPFS lol. So far I’ve got a nice bunch of links and a lot of notes I’ve takne for my own use. I might work on some blogging or tutorials of my own based on my progress. Everything helps!

There is indeed a massive effort right now to address the documentation. Here is one place to look:


Oh, nice!! I’ll keep an eye on it. I’ve checked it, so I see there’s still work on it haha.

For now what’s being most useful for me is this link @VictorBjelkholm sent me in another thread.

Anyways, thanks you all for your support!! And for your patience!!

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Well, this is a great link too (be sure to watch the video!):



Quite interesting, a short and useful tutorial that uses nodejs. A nice introduction to some of the basics! Saved to try and tinker after lunch haha!! Thanks!!

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