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Are there any resources for this? I have a lot of errors and it is very frustrating. Are there even any consultants who know about it? Whenever I ask any specialists they seem to have just the high level knowledge. I have not met anyone with hands on skills in IPFS.

I think Awesome IPFS can be a nice start to explore (note: some links are dead… ironic right?)

Have you found the Decentralized Web Primer yet? We’re not advertising it broadly yet because it’s not done yet but there are some good tutorials in there. They should be easier to follow than the existing docs. https://dweb-primer.ipfs.io/


I will look more at that resource. What I find is the issue, is material covering integration with programming languages, eg JS (I am using ReactJS). The online docs for using cat, pin etc is all very easy but that is not really that useful to developing a dapp. I think if someone who understands IPFS just wrote a few demo programs with JS that would help a lot of people, or even if someone replied in gitter. If you look at truffle and gitter it is very active, and it really helped me a lot.

In these developing sectors, there is too little documentation, so we need some of the experts to help out in gitter. This will help expand the whole market. I am just completely stuck with IPFS and it means I cannot develop anything else. So the areas I do know about are just halted.

I agree. We need a lot more great tutorials for dapp developers who are doing stuff in javascript. I think you will see a bunch of tutorials and reference code coming out in the next few months.

In the meantime, this other comment has links to info you might want to check out:

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@zillerium says

or even if someone replied in gitter. If you look at truffle and gitter it is very active, and it really helped me a lot.

the IPFS maintainers hang out in the #ipfs IRC channel almost every day. All of the docs say to use IRC. I don’t think there are any gitter channels connected to the IRC channel, but I do think there is a way to bridge gitter to IRC. Where is the gitter channel you’ve been using?

I use this - https://gitter.im/ipfs/ipfs - you can see from the activity it is dead. I have chatted with Crissi who is as stuck as me. She works in India and is trying to get IPFS to work.

Unfortunately Gitter was another proprietary solution with a side-effect of fragmenting the community.
I provided a summary on the problem with proprietary stuff here.

Depending on preferred communication style, the best places right now are:

  • synchronous (semi-realtime, chat-like): the #ipfs channel on Freenode IRC Network
    (If you don’t know how to start, use this IRC client)
  • asynchronous (email-like) community discussions: this forum (https://discuss.ipfs.tech)

I joined the IRC - how can I find the IPFS channel?

Type ‘/join #ipfs’ in your irc client to join the ‘#ipfs’ irc channel.

I recommend reading an IRC tutorial like this one to get a sense of how to get the most out of it.