What video guides on IPFS would you like?

Hey all,

We’re looking to improve the experience of new developers to IPFS with some short-form focused video guides in the coming months.

This is where your opinion matters!

What topics do you find difficult or challenging when building with and using IPFS?

To kick this off, I did some searching of the forum and the IPFS chats and discovered a couple of topics that keep on coming up:

  • Using the js-ipfs libraries in the browser to upload files (1, 2, 3, 4)
  • Debugging and improving CID retrievability

Other ideas for video guides:

  • Deploying a dedicated IPFS node to the cloud
  • Your suggestion!

When wanting to have some back-ups and reliability, explain when you should go with 1 node + gateway, 1 node + pinning service, several nodes, several nodes on private network, an IPFS-Cluster, a Cluster on private network, a Cluster with 1 public node and several private ones, etc. depending of the needs of your project. This video will likely link to several others.


Creating IPFS files from scratch in XYZ. (replace XYZ with whatever language you want)
The goal is to show IPLD basics, how to do hashing, how to do CID and how IPFS thinks about data.


Thanks for sharing.

Have you faced any challenges doing this already?
Have you come across any useful resources on this topic already?

Fantastic idea!

It’s also something that I want to better understand myself.

I also just discovered GitHub - web3-storage/ipfs-car: Convert files to content-addressable archives and back which is well scoped and does a lot of this in JS/TS. I’ll definitely be exploring this.

I would love a Dockerise IPFS node video. :slight_smile:


I saw that we have an official kubo (go-ipfs) Docker image: Docker Hub

Any particular reason that you want a video on dockerising?


I do a lot of hackathon events and some of the main pain points I’m seeing are around

  1. How do I use IPFS in my project (short videos on usage of the client libs and how the desktop works would be good to point to)
  2. How do I make IPFS mutable (*shrugs)
  3. How do I ensure privacy on IPFS (eg maybe some videos on how you’d use encryption with it)
  4. Biased view: I’d like some discussions on making sure IPFS data is persistent (by using Filecoin tools rather than pinning)
  5. IPNS
  6. Messaging and creating links with IPFS
  7. Why is IPFS so slow. How do I make it faster

Haha when I said IPNS, I was saying it in response to “How do I make IPFS mutable” :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Related videos then!

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And 3. When you should use Filecoin :slight_smile:

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List of things to checked:

  • DHT
  • IO bottleneck
  • Reprovider speed (accelerated dht client)
  • Latency (make a geo-diverse (intercontinental) cluster)

Yep - would like a video on this topic is all :slight_smile:

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Love it! It’s already done.

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