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Hi everyone! I’m a Product Manager at Cloudflare and we’re working on improving our IPFS gateway. We would love to get some feedback, so if you have the time, please fill out this survey: Thanks!


Can we get access to the Survey?
It looks like @leerspace is right :slight_smile: and it is still suck on permissions required

To the question What would make IPFS most compelling to people building new apps?, I feel like the choices aren’t representative of IPFS. None of these things are what people want to use IPFS for, because it’s not particularly reliable, nor fast, nor easy to use. I personally use it because it’s a distributed filesystem that’s self-deduplicating. It saves cost on storage and makes it easier to keep content online for longer than on HTTP. It also makes it far easier to share files than FTP or “free” online hosts that shoves ads down your throat and reduces the quality of whatever you put there, be it videos or images, but IPFS itself is not particularly easy to use.

Also, to the question What makes a good IPFS gateway?, I’d say it’s not doing this :

But that choice isn’t even there. Easy to remember domain name and Caching are just requirements to have a public node at all. It won’t run properly without any form of caching, it’d be basically be a plain old proxy.

I feel like this form isn’t complete enough to grasp what could improve CloudFlare’s node.

Should be fixed now!


Thanks for working on the gateway, @dina, I’m glad people are still actively improving it! I’m not sure if I speak for everyone, but I’ve definitely found it useful and appreciate that Cloudflare is helping support the IPFS ecosystem.

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HI Dina,

The IPFS gateway is quite good.
do you have any other tool or some sdk can use ipfs directly?

Hey everyone!

When using the Cloudflare IPFS gateway I stumbled across an issue. The gateway is not able to deliver data for filenames that include URL-encoded characters. I checked other public gateways, and they all are able to correctly return the data. So the problem seems to be on CF side.
I created a minimal test case:

While file1.txt is resolved correctly by the gateway, file2 .txt (note the space in the filename) will give this error message:
ipfs resolve -r /ipfs/QmSDi9i5WR1YUkfksMESBDHj21JyGqByVwTWZ3Btef33kc/file2%2520.txt: no link named "file2%20.txt" under QmSDi9i5WR1YUkfksMESBDHj21JyGqByVwTWZ3Btef33kc

This is a new error that hasn’t been there until very recently.

Anyone experiencing the same?

Of course, I tried to approach CloudFlare directly but they don’t respond (apart from automated messages). I also posted this to the community message boards of CloudFlare.

Thank you!