CloudFlare IPFS gateway broken

Hey everyone!

When using the Cloudflare IPFS gateway I stumbled across an issue. The gateway is not able to deliver data for filenames that include URL-encoded characters. I checked other public gateways, and they all are able to correctly return the data. So the problem seems to be on CF side.
I created a minimal test case:

While file1.txt is resolved correctly by the gateway, file2 .txt (note the space in the filename) will give this error message:
ipfs resolve -r /ipfs/QmSDi9i5WR1YUkfksMESBDHj21JyGqByVwTWZ3Btef33kc/file2%2520.txt: no link named "file2%20.txt" under QmSDi9i5WR1YUkfksMESBDHj21JyGqByVwTWZ3Btef33kc

This is a new error that hasn’t been there until very recently.

Anyone experiencing the same?

Of course, I tried to approach CloudFlare directly but they don’t respond (apart from automated messages). I also posted this to the community message boards of CloudFlare.

Thank you!

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