Ipfs filename encoding

Hi, guys.

Have a question about encoding what uses ipfs. Have uploaded a file (https://ipfs.io/ipfs/QmaoXweDYmZ7usR79xzxLKvjHhsH4A7oSfBUdpkC2rdMKL) which name saved in Russian (Cyrillic). I have two places where ipfs running: one - public, and the second one - locally (on my laptop). Locally works fine, but the first one displays like this:

Encoding? Or something else?


It looks like something went wrong on your end. That file is literary encoded using the ‘?’ character in the DAG.

IPFS uses UTF-8. I am guessing the file was encoded using ISO-8859-5 (Cyrillic) or some other 8-bit Cyrillic charset and did not get converted properly to UTF-8.

What system are you using (Linux, Mac, Windows, etc)?


Thank you for your response. I’m using Linux, Ubuntu based. No, it doesn’t depend on file encoding because this happens with any file with Russian file name and I tested with UTF-8 files. It can be due to nginx settings.

I misspoke when I said file encoding. I meant filename encoding.

Something is going wrong with the encoding of the filename.

Can you give the exact details of how you uploaded the file?

Sorry, for the long absence.

I use ipfs java API and use httpclient from apache common library. I execute this POST request with adding file:

In the response, I get following:

I think I have to specify header? Or something else.
PS: btw, It’s not nginx configuration problem.

@kevina thank you for participating. I resolved issue here