Too many transfer encodings

Trying to setup a collaborative cluster but running into the following when starting ipfs-cluster-service daemon:

2023-10-06T20:37:46.046Z        ERROR   ipfshttp        ipfshttp/ipfshttp.go:1258       error posting to IPFS:Post "": net/http: HTTP/1.x transport connection broken: too many transfer encodings: ["chunked" "chunked"]

OS: Ubuntu 20
ipfs-go: 0.3.11
ipfs-cluster: v1.0.6

ipfs-go is running and I see it listening on 5001

tcp 0 0* LISTEN 178421/ipfs

I have left cluster and ipfs configs at default, both were simply done with “init” then started.

Not really sure why it does not want to connect and what the too many transfer encodings message is about. Any help is appreciated.

what is ipfs-go ?
there used to be go-ipfs but this has been renamed to Kubo in May 2022 v0.14.0
We are now at v0.23.0, v0.3.11 has been released in Jan 2016 so if you are really running 7 year old version I think you should consider updating.

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lol, well that would do it. If you google download ipfs, you are probably going to endup here:

The linked binaries under this “For convenience here are the latest versions linked directly” go to binaries 7 years old.

But if you use the link at very top you get to the right place (IPFS Distributions) but it is still labelled go-ipfs, so it is a bit confusing.

Anywhoo thanks for the help, I will try rolling with binaries not near a decad old.

This link is a static hash which isn’t updated, I don’t know how you even find that (if you could tell me where in case some website still links to that).

If I google IPFS I get:

If I google “Download IPFS” third result is this:

Which leads to the static hash linked to before.

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