Ipfs key list error

Searching for info about an error I’m seeing after moving my repo to another system. So far everything checks out except for this error:

~/$ ipfs key list 
Error: proto: wrong wireType = 2 for field Type

I’m using kubo version 0.17.0

I can add new keys, but can’t list them.

Is this possibly related to the .ipfs/keystore folder? What is that folder used for? Is it safe to rename it (as a test) or will doing so corrupt or violate the integrity of the repo? There are 36 files in that folder and they’re all dated near when the repo was first created 3 years ago. When I add another key with ipfs key gen another file shows up in that folder.

IIRC, that is used for the mutable file system, but not certain of that.

Nobody has anything to contribute to this? I really could use some help figuring this out or finding a workaround. This server is very limited without IPnS which relies on the keys.

Did you manually put any keys into that folder? If not, this sounds like a bug and I’d file an issue.

You could also try figuring out if its a specific key by moving all of your keys out of that directory then moving them back in one by one.

Thank you for the suggestions, greatly appreciated and will do.

I just downloaded the entire source tree and grepped for the error using:
grep -eiR "wire\|proto\:\|wrong" *

which returned only 94 hits, none with “wireType”.

PROBLEM SOLVED, you saved me much further aggravation. I renamed the keystore folder and restarted the daemon, after which I could run the ipfs key list and ipfs key gen commands without errors.

I suspect the original contents of this folder were related to early use of the mutable file system. If there are no other internal uses of that folder I’m good, no need to worry with the former contents of it.

Thanks again!