`ipfs init` error - selected encoding not supported

Reading from CID right after init results in invalid cid: selected encoding not supported

$ rm -rf ~/.ipfs

[bogdanbiv@q35 kubo]$ ipfs init 
generating ED25519 keypair...done
peer identity: 12D3KooWNs5oQESeuY5S3wuhF4NaAJscvu8wS7oLR25LEXDTTyB5
initializing IPFS node at /home/bogdanbiv/.ipfs

[bogdanbiv@q35 kubo]$ ipfs ls /ipfs/12D3KooWNs5oQESeuY5S3wuhF4NaAJscvu8wS7oLR25LEXDTTyB5
Error: invalid path "/ipfs/12D3KooWNs5oQESeuY5S3wuhF4NaAJscvu8wS7oLR25LEXDTTyB5": **invalid CID:
invalid cid: selected encoding not supported**

In fact none of the cat, ls, work for any of my local CID. What am I doing wrong?

$ env | grep -e LC_ -e LANG

ipfs version 0.23.0
Fedora release 37

12D3KooWNs5oQESeuY5S3wuhF4NaAJscvu8wS7oLR25LEXDTTyB5 is your node ID, it’s not a content hash, you can’t ls that.
If you are trying to use IPNS you first need to ipfs name publish something and this will tell you your IPNS hash.

Never mind, I get it now:

# added from the web interface started by *ipfs daemon*
$ ipfs cat /ipfs/QmQ9VNATNmECXR5Kr38PyP2rT3BJXwdXrCUVCXQ32Vkrm2
Hello IPFS from Eastern Europe!

$ ipfs cat /ipfs/QmYwAPJzv5CZsnA625s3Xf2nemtYgPpHdWEz79ojWnPbdG/readme
Check out some of the other files in this directory:
  ./quick-start     <-- usage examples
  ./readme          <-- this file