Cloudflare goes InterPlanetary - Introducing Cloudflare’s IPFS Gateway


Does this support pubsub?

This is a read-only HTTP Gateway…

Try hosting static HTML and JS on the gateway and spawn js-ipfs with pubsub in the browser.

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Cloudflare does not support Freedom. It acts as a single point of failure for the internet, and it is a way to remove anonymity.

I would be suspicious of building anything using Cloudflare, but thank you for the news.

I am using cloudflare, it seems that their gateways seem spotty. We are getting a lot of 404s in our analytics. We have used multiple pinning services and have two nodes with the content pinned. When I have seen 404’s, sometimes on my phone I see them, I can access our CID hash through other gateways, so it seems an issue with couldflare. Would love to hear if anyone else has issues or suggestions. I think I will be hosting my own gateway and pointing the DNS directly to it.