Cloudflare IPFS gateway goes premium, longetivity of free version?

TL;DR: Cloudflare-ipfs seem to be going to a premium model. Not sure how that would work with current model of public gateway, which is still available for now.

Today I discovered on page that IPFS and Ethereum gateway are now premium. There’s “free” version with 50GB/month traffic limit, as well as other plans.
There’s no mentions of /ipfs/ / /ipns/ URIs on the page anymore. I could not find any announces anywhere about changes in service model.

Right now my /ipfs/ links and my websites, which were registered using old panel available on website without any accounts or registration, still work. But for how long will that be?

Here’s a post on Cloudflare community forums:

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The Web3 page to which redirects seem to be first introduced on 1 Aug 2023, according to Wayback Machine*/

Free version seems to work fine for me, I just setup a new one earlier this week to archive my website.

If you’re pushing more than 50GB/month of traffic, you probably want to be paying someone :slight_smile:

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Or run your own node

For sure, I meant in a non-home-user scenario, so “paying for a server” would be paying a bare metal / VPS / whatever host.

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They don’t advertise free version anywhere anymore. No /ipfs/ or /ipns/ links seen on the website. To me it looks like they’re switching from free-for-all public IPFS gateway model to a non-public one, where you need to register first, after which you’ll be able to reach only websites registered via Cloudflare panel, not any IPFS file.

Yep, that makes sense. The two sites I have running there are archives of websites accessed via ipns / dnslink.

Open gateways are…dangerous to run from a moderation perspective, and a risk for Cloudflare if they have to do moderation for all gateways (AFAIK there isn’t a per gateway moderation interface).

And I think Cloudflare, my team at Fission’s “beta” publishing platform, and Fleek are the only (?) three services that offer DNS <> IPFS automation?

Someone correct me if I’m wrong, I’m actively looking for more services like this.


Cloudflare might be going in the direction of Filebase: dedicated gateways for rental, and a public one that only serves files registered with them. :thinking: :tipping_hand_man:

Filebase might be adding it as part of their new IPNS features - but the docs are still laking infos on that.

Yeah not meaning the gateway part.

This all-in-one will be a gateway. Typically people will add / update DNS entries through an external provider. Cloudflare is a common freemium DNS provider with a good api in order to update DNS entries programmatically.

So, step one, use provider host name, eg — or just an IP address for like Digital Ocean.

Step two, add → configure to point at all-in-one, with wildcard DNS for subdomains.

Cloudron has DNS Automation built in and would take care of this too.

So redirects to

Step three, add DNSLink TXT entries that get mapped to the gateway. I think as we covered elsewhere, step three is a ways off. I can file that as an issue and a write up.


No reply from Cloudflare.

According to Public Gateway Checker | IPFS the public gateways are still working as usual.

1 Like has started to redirect some of IPFS requests to with HTTP 302 redirect.
I guess this is the first step in sun-setting the gateway.

% curl -s -I

HTTP/2 302 
date: Sun, 19 May 2024 18:17:39 GMT
set-cookie: __cf_bm=v.j7Teor2q0KLtxGr4OwruDw0XNc9MUWAMo1ymZ_YHE-1716142659-; path=/; expires=Sun, 19-May-24 18:47:39 GMT;; HttpOnly; Secure; SameSite=None
server: cloudflare
cf-ray: 886615c55a2c2d6e-ARN
alt-svc: h3=":443"; ma=86400

Right now on

Oh, so it’s sunsetting.

All traffic using the or hostname(s) will continue to work without interruption and be redirected to or until August 14th, 2024, at which time the Cloudflare hostnames will no longer connect to IPFS and all users must switch the hostname they use to or to ensure no service interruption takes place.

replacing cloudflare ipfs gateway with self hosted gateway

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