Difficulties with the Cloudflare gateway

I’m currently expriencing issues with the Cloudflare gateway.

I’m getting for this URL the following message:
ipfs resolve -r /ipns/old.pkg.pacman.store/: could not resolve name

While the same DNSLink is fast and reliably on ipfs.io:

Can someone help me to debug this, or is this issue on the Cloudflare side? :thinking:

I’m not sure Cloudflare supports DNSLink.

They do… it fails only from time to time.

I keep an eye on the installation with a server status tool.

If I would set the alarm settings as sensitive as I usually do, the gateway would be ‘offline’ all the time, since around 60% of the requests fail.

Looks to me like the multicast installation just crashed in some regions while others work fine.

Why this site always fails? The listing is quite long, maybe Cloudflare is running a very old version which cannot understand directory sharding?

Other sides work fine: