Ipns pins 404 through cloudflare eth.link gateway

I am trying to troubleshoot an issue with using the eth.link gateway for ipns pinned content. I think something changed recently, and I cannot afford to update ens.domains for a new blockchain transaction every time i change content with a new ipfs pin. (and the resolution of ipns to that ipfs pin)

Is anyone else using ipns through the eth.link web gateway?

I can confirm that the ipns:// hash loads find from dweb for instance, so i think this is on the cloudflare and their handling of ipns.

What domain are use having issues with? Do you have the node you used to publish to ions running all the time? Is it well connected (lots of peers)?

Thanks for the reply. I am testing my node currently, the hash is retrievable from public gateways. Just not when I configure ipns:// as the content type with ens.domains. If you can show me another site using ipns:// for the hash content I’ll be glad to look.My fallback will be to use an ipfs:// hash instead, but then I pay to update the site each time I rev it… ipns:// was working at the beginning of the week…

You can look at my personal blog at http://blog.polaris-1.work/ which uses IPNS with dnslink.

Thank you for following up.

I switched to ipfs:// hash in ens and it works.
I am saying that ipns://hash does not, and it did previously.

dnslink is out of scope, and not a solution here.

ens.domains is the only way I want this resolving. I am going to have to say again this looks like an issue with cloudflare and their gateway.

To replicate:

  1. publish a static website, recursively with ipfs and pin the content.
  2. register the ipfs hash to a ipns
  3. put that ipns://hash into the records/content link on ens.domains
  4. observe that https://domain.eth.link/ FAILS and returns a 404
  5. change the ens.domain content link to the ipfs://hash
  6. observe that the https://domain.eth.link/ returns the content of the pinned ipfs hash

The reason to use ipns:// is so you don’t have to update the ens.domain and the ethereum blockchain. Right now this is a $10 charge.

Something broke in the infrastructure in the past two days.

ugh still broke, I think the ipfs extension resolved the ipns link… I just switched profiles and it is still 404 from cloudflare.

Still broken? I’m having this error too.