Noob trying to steer my dev

Hi, I’m a complete noob and know not much at all about coding nor web design. That said, I am building a proof of concept, fb type social media platform and and down to the final legs; making posts uploaded to ipfs, show in certain assigned containers of the timeline. My dev is completely new to ipfs (I introduced) and is struggling. I only know enough to be dangerous but that knowledge includes the power and potential of ipfs. He has gotten the upload working and in my mind, the CID hash goes into the assigned table; the assigned container will reference the hash from the table and display the image within it; seems pretty straight forward… but what do i know… some people i know that have built ipfs things tell me it is fairly easy.
Can someone give bullet point, step by step guidelines for me to replay to my dev to follow with possible links for guidance on each step? (bounty for hand holding).
for example [from a naive noob perspective]
1: Configure node
2: peer list
3: gateway setup…
4: enjoy…

  1. Configure a node →
  2. ???
  3. The gateway would be just like any other http server IFAIK.
  4. Do enjoy!

OR you could use my decentralized social media protocol? Defluencer · GitHub
Shameless plug. :smiley:

Thanks for your input… the 4 bullets points were complete random; they were not to be followed unless i made a completely lucky guess. That said, i think you wanted to just shamelessly plug… :stuck_out_tongue: Can you provide a link of a working site using yours? Are the posts ipfs loaded…? Can you link your github page that isolated this for my dev to reference…? TIAA

WIP Project website

All the content is loaded with IPFS and there’s also links to learning materials. IPFS is complex just take one step at a time.

Tnx again… i have taken yrs of one steps to get where I am with the project(so close haha) but again, not a coder. My dev says he is having trouble connecting to the server… would he need some IPLD knowledge for that…? I have intro’d him to IPFS but not mentioned IPLD yet… Is server connecting common for noobs to IPFS… any clues you can offer…? TIAA

Server? Do you mean connecting the website to his own node? When you run a node on your computer you can access it with the CLI or an Http API which is what my website assume is available. That is also the reason you have to configure the node because it block access by default.

BTW the website is decentralized as the data. There is no server (except the gateway I guess).

As for IPLD, it’s only useful if you want to add more than just files to IPFS. It allow linking blocks by CIDs which is THE reason you can build a web otherwise it would just be boring file storage.

Awesome thanks… it’s over my head but i’ll forward to the dev… sounds like good advise. I whill share your GH also see if that helps him…