Hello World! Introducing myself and being inquisitive as a WEB3 noob

Hi Everyone,

There doesn’t seem to be a place where one can introduce yourself on here. I would like to do so now and also pick the collective brain of the forum with a couple of questions. I am very green with concerns to WEB3 tech and have only recently started my journey. But I must admit coming from the centralized web I’m giddy at the prospect of the web returning to what it once was the-web-than-and-now

I’m currently studying everything IFPS, my questions being:

  1. IPFS seems to be rooted in GO and JS are there any Python gateways to it? I’ll have to bite the bullet and learn the aforementioned, just wondering if there is a python based way of interacting with it?

  2. I’m looking for sites which gives news, tutorials and is everything WEB3. Also are there any books on the subject matter. Currently busy with Mastering Ethereum Building Smart Contracts and Dapps.

  3. Besides this forum any other noteworthy social hubs like telegram discord etc? Would really like to immerse myself as much as possible.

And with that I would like to say it is great to make everyone’s acquaintance and am looking forward to many hours spent on here.

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Hello and thanks for taking an interest in IPFS.

to answer you’re questions:

1: Yes you can interact with IPFS through HTTP API using python, it does however mean whatever code you write will have to run on a server running the IPFS daemon. If you want to look into a fully distributed way to run IPFS you can look at js-IPFS specifically this example, i’m currently trying to get it running under WebAssembly in a language like Rust or Golang so that might be possible in the future.

2: As for sites for news and tutorials on Web 3.0 stuff, it honestly seems a bit sparse and spread out due to most of these technology’s being relatively experimental when it comes to integrating them with web platforms. As for what I could find if you want to keep up with IPFS stuff then the best place is their blog and this forum, theirs the libp2p forum if you want to see what’s happening with the libp2p library. As for books i’m afraid like I said before because most of these technologies are still in the development phase their really aren’t than many books. Their are a few for specific technology’s like Ethereum but apart from that it’s still mostly in development stuff. If you want to learn more about IPFS works theirs all ways the documentation and the IPLD documenation. You could also look at some of the projects on awesome-ipfs most of them are open source so the code is available.

3: As for social hubs theirs the IRC Channels, this forum and the libp2p forum.

Hope this helps, and if I have missed anything, or anyone has other resources feel free to add them.

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Kharaa is right the HTTP API is probably the best language-independent way to interface with IPFS. My project uses a docker image of GO-IPFS so that I can embed my server into it with a private network using docker compose, and then my web app (SpringBoot/Java) can talk to it sort of “directly” but thru HTTP REST calls. I’m sure the same sort of setup could be done using Python as your server code. Good Luck, and welcome to the IPFS world!

Thanks for the replies peeps, the HTTP approach would be best for now. I think if I try to ingest two new languages in the form of GO and JS I’m just going to get overwhelmed and nope out. And thanks for the kind/helpful reception :wave: