Asking for advice on how can learn IPFS source code basics

Help! I want to begin learning IPFS source code to implement a minimal Python version for learning purposes and more…Any advice/tips on how to begin to learn structure of code to do this?

I’m also willing to volunteer my time to help a dev in exchange for some guidance. (I know Go.)



Hello Seberino,

I’m not to understand exactly your question.

If you want to make a python client for ipfs there is already one : I think the developers of this client would be happy to get some help.

If you’re looking for a python project that uses ipfs here is one : chamalow/mazash - mazash - P2Git it’s a kind of little shazam for music using ipfs instead of live upload.


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Thanks. If I’m not mistaken, still uses
another IPFS daemon? I’m actually looking to understand the IPFS daemon code myself.

I was interested in how new developers get acclimated. Do they just study the raw Go source
code on their own?


My understanding is that IPFS is a protocol specification. go-ipfs is an implementation of the spec…

So, a good starting point for creating a python implementation would be to understand the spec…

Perhaps the architecture posted on github is a good place to start.


Serbino you have reason ipfshttpclient is a client so it need daemon on host. ipfsme have reason also good point to begin can read ipfs spec. For the network part you can check that lib2p2 all network stack of ipfs is manage with that.