How to contribute to IPFS

Hi, I’m new to Golang and IPFS, how can I contribute to IPFS? Thanks


You need to propose a feature on ipfs in first step read that :

and after you can just fork the project code your propal et create a pull request in official repository. after you can create also a issue on official repository to discuss with developpers to check your works is not duplicated with another developpers and find good way to implement that in ipfs.



hi @vhkwpl i am stuck at the same point , i started learning go and have some basic knowledge , but i am finding difficulty to understand ipfs code can anyone help from where to start


in first time to contribute IPFS maybe can be intresting to undestand IPFS specs :
after that follow contributing specs : after that choose your implementation go js java rust etc.


hey thanks @josselinchevalay will follow the steps , may i contact you again if i have any doubts regarding the same ?

Sure don’t worry to ask with community we are openmind.