Hi I wanna contribute but where to start?

Is there some (general) documentation about the code. I’ve seen a tutorial but that wasn’t what I expected. I code in NodeJS, I can do testing too.

Thanks Rob :slight_smile:

Here you can find the overview of whole IPFS project.
Here you can find the technical specifications for IPFS Stack(Libp2p, IPLD etc)

Also I am working on a ton of cool projects. You can check them out on Github, and our website. I recently posted what I am doing right now. Feel free to check it out.


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I guess for JS a starting point would be here: https://github.com/ipfs/community/blob/master/CONTRIBUTING_JS.md :slight_smile:


Ok I checked the resources but I mainly mean some issues that I could get started with?

There are a few places to start from:

Here is how you can start: Intro

Here is a list of all the projects going on.

First, see where you want to contribute.

If you aren’t able to decide, you can start here:
js-ipfs: you can see the “Want to Contribute” section here

Also, I am maintaining an unofficial Javascript implementation of IPFS Cluster API. You can check out the issues