Decentralized search using IPFS

After half a year of on-and-off work on ipfsearch, I’m excited to announce the launch of an alpha version.

ipfsearch is an indexer and webapp that lets you create and search through indices that are stored on IPFS. It does that by doing the sorting, stemming and searching in your browser, not on a centralized server. You can find more on the webapp:

IPNS, always new, link: /ipns/
IPFS link to alpha: /ipfs/QmbJbmpZsSFpaLHUFPCADR5DLWWsLgDtFL3cjDXpYbEo7i
If you do not currently have access to a IPFS node, you can use the public gateway.

All the sources are on Github.

I’d love some feedback on it.

P.S. It’s slow because IPNS is very very slow, so be patient, especially when loading the meta.


Great work! Thanks for sharing.

Hi, this looks cool!

If you could please clarify for me: you say it cannot be taken down, but if you take down your node where you host the index file, then the index should be gone? Or how do you actually host the index file? Thanks!

The index and the whole app is on IPFS. It cannot be taken down as long as there is at least one node that has it pinned.

I pin it on my node and Eternum. If my node goes down, you can use your own IPFS node to load the webapp and use your node to fetch the index (it should automatically use a local gateway if detected).