Api for search index hosted on ipfs

Hi, I have a project where I am storing web index data (warc headers) on ipfs nodes, and then trying to generate an API key I can use to access the ipfs data from a search engine. Can anyone advise me how to do this? Thank you!

API key for what (what needs the API key and what will accept it)? IPFS doesn’t have API keys (at the moment, at least).

is there a way to develop api keys to work with it? or any kind of workaround?

it’s a php server and meta search engine. for example right now I can connect an api key from bing etc, but want to have another index stored on ipfs if possible, but need an api key to integrate it

Maybe this helps? http://api.ipfs-search.com/

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API key for what. The IPFS API doesn’t require an API key.

the api key would allow the php based front end of the search engine to access the ipfs contents (which are indexed URLs)

Again, IPFS has an API and it doesn’t require any API keys. See: https://ipfs.io/docs/api/

oh great! Can you advise how I could integrate my data on ipfs with a php front end? With my other data, I have an api key, so not familiar how to do it any other way. my php front end, does it need IPFS installed as well?

I can’t walk you though every step of the way but I can point you at the documentation and help you if you run into any issues.

(and yes, you’ll need ipfs installed)