Deploy ipfs to a blob storage?

I can deploy ipfs to my local pc. on any server pc. but i wants to know how can i deploy ipfs to a blob storage like azure blob storage ??

We’d have to add support for such a datastore. However, we currently don’t have a decent caching layer (we assume everything is on the local disk) so it’ll probably be slow.


Hello all. @stebalien,

is there common interface that these data stores share and we could write applications where we could swap between these datastore backends thanks to it?

I was thinking that CEPH might be good datastore backend as it designed with blob/object/file storage in mind and with it’s RADOS distributed protocol - I personally think it would made great IPFS node backend - if you are trying to build big cluster one though. If I am not mistaken, CEPH supports SWIFT gateway - obviously direct CEPH/IPFS client on top librados would be better, but this is still great as I hope I can try this soon.

Thanks for reading.

Yes, .

I love Ceph too, and think targeting it with librados would be a good choice.
I found prior art, dont know if any good