IPFS Connecting to Local MinIO Instance


I’ve been attempting to compile IPFS and connect it to a MinIO instance running on the same server. I have been using go-ds-s3 Github and another webpage as references for this and can’t find success. (Links below.)

When I follow the go-ds-s3 instructions, it uses the default datastore of flat-fs. How can I modify the config file before initializing the IPFS node? Once I run ipfs init, the node uses flat-fs, and I can’t seem to get the node to migrate once that has been initialized.

Here is the error I got after modifying the config file and datastore_spec file.
Error: datastore configuration of '{"mounts":[{"bucket":"test","mountpoint":"/blocks","region":"us-east-1","rootDirectory":"home/max/miniods"},{"mountpoint":"/","path":"datastore","type":"levelds"}],"type":"mount"}' does not match what is on disk '{"mounts":[{"bucket":"test","mountpoint":"/blocks","region":"us-east-1","rootDirectory":"/home/max/miniods"},{"mountpoint":"/","path":"datastore","type":"levelds"}],"type":"mount"}

Has anyone had success connecting MinIO to IPFS?