Directory slow to sync to public node, but single files are not

Hello, I’m not sure it’s the right place to look for help, don’t hesitate to tell me where this should go if needed.

I created a public IPFS node on a linux box, and tried to add files and directory on it, before trying to access them from anonther public node like*

The weird thing is that the files are almost accessible immediately (ie. 5 to 10 seconds), but the directories containing these same files takes literally hours before being available on other nodes, which is a real issue considering directories are needed to have predictable file names.

I use the following bash command line to check files, which are all returning a 200 http status code when requested from another public node:

ipfs pin ls --type=indirect | awk '{print $1}' | xargs -I {} curl -s -o /dev/null --max-time 5 -w "%{url_effective} -> http %{http_code}\n" ''{} -> http 200 -> http 200 -> http 200 -> http 200 -> http 200 -> http 200 -> http 200 -> http 200 -> http 200 -> http 200 -> http 200 -> http 200 -> http 200

If I try the same on the directories containing these files, almost all of them return a 504 error code, is it normal, a known problem, or a configuration issue with my public node?

Many thanks for your insights.

ipfs pin ls --type=recursive | awk '{print $1}' | xargs -I {} curl -s -o /dev/null --max-time 5 -w "%{url_effective} %{http_code}\n" ''{} 000 000 200 000 000 200 000 200 200 000

Directory listings in UI are slower because UI retrieves first block of all linked files to check if it is file or subdirectory and display correct icon. You can check yourself in IPFS UI and see difference between hash browse (fetch leaf) and hash inspect (just root block)

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