Does this sound reasonable to have an app similar to IPFS Desktop, for ipfs cluster service, IPFS Cluster Desktop?

Does this sound reasonable ?
ipfs cluster provides better features and stats of the cluster,
Should we make this, you can count me as interested in doing so :slight_smile:

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Maybe this thread can be of interest: [COMMUNITY DISCUSSION] IpfsCloud v2.0 Draft

Especially the part about Egress and its GUI tool : Horizon.

Hope it helps!

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You can also have a look at and join our chatroom if you have ideas! I am thinking about that constantly and that might be where we want to go next if you want to help!

Though the app is more or less working, Orion as a project has been abandoned. You can read the authorโ€™s farewell here:

P. S. Sorry for pushing an old post. I have misread the date lol