Building Apps on IPFS - Parking Lot

Wiki page Parking Lot for concepts, questions, and areas of interest to go with the track. Please edit!

Schedule link: 🛤 Building Apps on IPFS Track

Different Business Models

Rather than “Free” apps that take your data, can you get paid to use your data?

Do business models change with portable data apps / IPFS apps?

Is IPFS “ready” for apps?

Biggest pain points, what should we work on / prioritize together?

Hosting / Publishing of Front End Web Apps

e.g. Pinata, Fleek, Fission all support this, with some level of DNS mapping / persistence.

Competes with Vercel / Github Pages / etc

How should we think about this hosting use case / business model?

IPFS Desktop

Russell @SgtPooki did a quick demo of IPFS Desktop,

Please look at these two issues and give feedback

More discussion on schelling point of working on ideas around IPFS desktop and different personas – e.g. developers!

Should we push more users running IPFS desktop / web3 style “run your own nodes”?

Feedback to @SgtPooki on UI

Native Mobile Working Group

Chris / Subconscious

David / Durin ‎Durin on the App Store

Kosmos - Boris to Point them here



List apps

Can we help list apps?

Zero Data Apps example Zero Data App

Also: Awesome Lists Rebooting the IPFS Awesome List

And ecosystem, also discussed, which is more stacks and infra and companies.


Create a space (likely for some cookbooks of components and recipes and so on that developers can use.

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Would people find it useful to list IPFS apps inside ipfs-desktop / ipfs-webui? I think it would be useful, but it would be new functionality that needs to pull the data from somewhere we need to define and make it easy to contribute to.

I’ve been thinking recently about adding extension functionality to ipfs-desktop/webui so that users could create plugins for their favorite IPFS apps/tools:

  • fleek
  • peergos
  • dnslink
  • fission
  • other cool apps & tools as they come out: dropbox sync, rsync…
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