Rebooting the IPFS Awesome List

Note: time / space is TBD. Sign up that you’re interested / want to attend and then we’ll update with the final date / time / room

The IPFS Awesome List needs rebooting!

From a thread with @lidel:

I’m putting this in as a placeholder session that is a call for participants. I want to scheme with @lidel about this, please join us / leave a comment / follow this post if you’re interesting in participating.

Time and place TBD as we figure out how to fit in ad hoc sessions into the schedule.


I’m interested in joining.

There is quite some overlap with (powered by an Airtable form > reviewed by IPFS team) so might be worth discussing that in the same conversation.



  • kick out to awesome-ipfs github org?
  • fund via open collective to the community
  • make it a simpler actual Awesome List → README
  • slurp it into ecosystem for a pretty version

IPFS Shipyard

  • bring up on IPFS Discourse
  • currently – ephemeral, or temporary, or sample projects
  • promoted into IPFS → or graduated to its own repo

Ecosystem → airtable?

Merge / integrate scheme between two systems?

Clearly articulate role of Awesome vs Ecosystem?

  • submission criteria?

Github analytics on IPFS project activity?

  • dashboard

Where do we want people promoting their awesome hackathon projects?

  • a “Promo” channel here in Discourse?
  • moderated

Content is only English

  • i18n ?

Can we put some of this new stuff and schedule new things on the Explore page of IPFS Desktop?

Can we improve this page?

Can we connect to rest of community? e.g. link to Discourse, Discord, Wikipedia

MAYBE also use Ecosystem / Awesome a source of new info

About Awesome Lists – awesome/ at main · sindresorhus/awesome · GitHub

Looks like lidel and andrew have commit access

Look at 0Data Apps as another example list of apps →

Some Takeaways

Ecosystem → this will be “internally” PLN maintained @mosh

Awesome → have community take over

  • people who participate in protocol work
  • write implementations

Some questions:

  • what would be the submission? github repo at least, website optional
  • categories / status – testers wanted, stale, personal project, beta launch

@boris will ask some other usual suspect PLN companies about contributing – have discussion here in the Discourse forum


The Community page in IPFS docs → Community | IPFS Docs – lists Awesome, but doesn’t list Ecosystem.

Generally, this community page needs updates.

Put Docs on the list for “call for add your stuff” from many different apps, companies, networks, and so on.

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I appreciate the effort to reboot the awesome list.

I can understand the distinction between the ecosystem page and awesome, despite the overlap. Awesome lists are typically more open and community-directed in contrast to the ecosystem list which we curate.

The awesome-ipfs list has been around for a while and has a lot of stale submissions (unmaintained and non-functional, e.g. GitHub - fbaiodias/ipfs-chrome-station: Chrome extension that let's you access IPFS urls seamlessly from your local IPFS node, and take a look at its stats). Adding a stale category or status would definitely help.

I’ll create a PR to add a link to the ecosystem page too from the IPFS docs.


Yep. And unless someone objects, @mosh & @SgtPooki and I suggested focusing on code for Awesome List — so a link to the Source code would be the main focus, and then a project / demo / company / docs website if it exists.


Focusing on code for the awesome list makes a lot of sense and makes the distinction with Ecosystem even clearer.

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I’ve got an issue where we’re tracking this in the awesome-ipfs repo. Please see Awesome IPFS isn't awesome · Issue #420 · ipfs/awesome-ipfs · GitHub


With regards to the ecosystem page, I made a meta proposal to simplify the submission process.

The goal is to reduce some of the burden on us and ease the process of iterating and providing feedback to submitters.

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Just for everyone’s info, I’ve made some significant progress automating things for awesome-ipfs. I plan to clean up the open PRs and issues so that we have a more hospitable repo prior to IPFS Camp. Be sure to subscribe to Awesome IPFS isn't awesome · Issue #420 · ipfs/awesome-ipfs · GitHub if you want to keep track of the improvements.



I was going to hack on it this weekend. Including that … well, the current structure is too complicated.

Will do it as PRs and see where I get to.