Event Ops Sync Up

We’re meeting at the event space - Harpa Gmaps Link, at Cafe Hnoss there.


Review of Content / Event / Comms Channels

  • Website
  • Discourse
    • @BigLep has enabled a bunch of features and can hopefully join us at this meeting
    • events is the one that needs most explanation but may be super useful
  • Discord
  • Luma / Luma Community

Make a room grid

What are all the rooms?

Should have a “Room Names and Locations” post here in Discourse / maybe also on website.

Room scheduling / Session Interest Gauging

We have a bunch of different rooms of different sizes. Can we get some sense of what people are attending what tracks / sessions, and then help with scheduling?

At this point, embedded Google Sheet might be the fastest path and easiest to edit and keep up to date.

@boris I got access to a session voting / scheduling grid software GitHub - kyoung/unconf: for all those times we all said... "why isn't there an app for this?" — have to see about installing it.

Ad hoc sessions during the week?

  • @boris suggest we have people post in here in IPFS Discourse with an event inserted, and people can tag interested / going and it can be updated with exact time / room
  • what rooms can be used / set aside for ad hoc sessions?
  • one “room” could of course just be “meet in the hack space” – should more be set aside?
  • TODO: make a post with screenshot on how to add events (@boris I will do this)
  • see Rebooting the IPFS Awesome List for an example

Volunteers and volunteer needs

Schedule for volunteers wiki page → Event Ops Volunteers

Track Leaders Briefing


Notes to Discourse – @BigLep has added links to page per track here in Discourse
Facilitation tips?

Opening Ceremony


Notifications / Comms

@jbenet / @yuni

Temp Slack or Discord? Obviously part of event comms discussion

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We are holding down a table at the cafe in the Harpa. It’s call Hnoss.

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