Philadelphia May 2017 Meetup

Let’s start planning this now.

Tentative location: WeWork NoLibs

Tentative date & time: 23 May (second-to-last Tuesdays?) at 6:30pm

Tentative schedule:

  • 6:30 mingle
  • 6:45 presentation
  • 7:15 workshop
  • 8:00 (formal) discussion
  • 8:30 bar (informal discussion)

Tentative workshop: I can lead people through customizing a simple local-storage backed Todo app, so each workshop attendee can then publish their own customized app to IPFS, and we can access each other’s. I don’t feel super confident with IPFS, and would love to meet up (virtually or in-person) ahead of time to walk through this with one or two people (preferably someone with somewhat more IPFS experience; I can contribute my traditional web-app experience).

Tentative short presentation: pitch one

Tentative discussion format: “lean coffee” –

@flyingzumwalt @tjayrush does this date work for both of you and WeWork? If so, let’s go ahead and remove the “tentative” from the date! :smile:

Forget IPFS. Do this:

There are two spaces I can book. A larger space (that holds up to 50) and a much smaller, but very nice, space that holds 12-15. I already reserved the 12-15 person space, but I can try to get the larger one if you think I should (probably not, but let me know, it fills up very fast).

Love the idea of leancoffee by the way.


I could also give my introductory talk to Offline First and the distributed web, “What our interplanetary tomorrow can teach us about building apps today.” But that might be a bit basic for this crowd. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I am going to have to change this. I just realized that I will be in NYC that evening. I’ll make it May 30th (one week later) if that works. Get back to me soon, because the space does fill up relatively quickly.

May 30th is the Code for Philly open house. I try to attend those when I can. There are also Code for Philly people who like IPFS so better to avoid that date. Could Monday or Wednesday work?

Thank you for keeping the planning moving forward @tjayrush and @chadoh

Regarding size of space, we will probably get more people than the last meeting, which was about 15 people. If it’s possible to get a bigger space, please do get it.

Eek, I just consulted with my partner, and honestly the whole two weeks between 22 May - 2 June are pretty tricky for me :weary:

Maybe we could do the May meetup a week after the 30th… in the beginning of June :stuck_out_tongue:

Or I could meet in two weeks, on the 16th or so. But that’s really soon. If that’s no good for booking a WeWork room (and if that’s our only concern with this date…), I have some connections to office space downtown, or at a coworking space in Old City, or at another coworking space at 50th & Baltimore in West Philly, and could ask around.

I’m also very busy the next few weeks, so I would be open to skipping the May meetup, but it’s probably best to keep a monthly momentum.

Looking ahead to June - my dates in June are very limited. I’ll only be around June 1-5 and after June 20.

Monday 29 or Wednesday 31 work as well. Or even June 1. The week of the 23rd doesn’t work at all for me.

Monday 29 is Memorial Day. Shall we shoot for Wednesday May 31st? @chadoh is that a no-go for you?

I reserved the room for May 31st around 6:00, but we can start whenever we like. It’s a nice room, fits 12 easily, 15 comfortably, and 20 if we get that many. It has a large-screen TV, HDMI, and wi-fi. As long as our speaker (@chadoh) can make it that night, it’s all good.

I might have more info tomorrow morning, but it probably won’t work for me. If I can’t make it, I would still be happy to help someone else come up with a workshop to present.

Even if I can make it, I would want to meet with someone (you, @tjayrush?) ahead of time to try out my workshop idea and make sure everything works as expected. Maybe that would get you to a spot where you could present? I could meet the Saturday of Memorial Day Weekend, the 27th. Possibly in Philly in person, but meeting online works, too.

The date is easy to change (it’s just a web reservation), but I do need to know a couple of weeks ahead of time since the space tends to fill up. It’s no problem to change it, just let me know.

Have we settled on May 31? If so, I can add it to the page.

Yes, let’s go for it. I’ll make it work.

@chadoh @tjayrush I’ve set up an event on Could you check it to make sure the info is correct before I send out the announcement?

You should both be able to edit the event.

The parts that I’d have feedback on look good! @tjayrush will have to confirm place and time.

@tjayrush should we set an attendee limit? Do you need to provide people with special instructions on how to get in? There are spots to do both things if you click “edit” on the meetup event.

Do you have any idea how many to expect? The room fits 15 very comfortably, can probably pack in 25 some without seats. It has a screen and wireless for demos and a whiteboard. Maybe I’ll set a 20 person limit and if it gets close, I’ll open up another couple of seats. I have a bigger space closer to center city that fits 75-80 if it ever gets that big (here’s hoping). I’m really looking forward to it. I’ll double check the meetup event now. I’ll leave instructions for parking and getting in the building.

Updated. Looks good. The doors are locked at 6:00 pm so we need to post a note with a text number so someone can open the door.