Monthly Meetups in Philadelphia

A Great First Meetup

We had a great first meeting last night (18 April 2017). It was cozy and informal. There were about 11 of us at Liz’s house (thank you Liz for hosting!).

Starting Monthly Meetups

We expect that future meetups will be bigger and a bit more formal. @tjayrush offered meeting space at WeWork in Northern Liberties.

We are aiming to do monthly meetups that will have a mix of hands-on tutorials, presentations, and informal discussion. Liz and Chad volunteered to help with organizing.

We will post details about each of the in-person meetings on

Please propose topics/activities

We’re still not clear about what tutorials and presentations will happen in the next few meetups. Let’s discuss the possibilities here.

Using to reach each other

We’re going to try using this Philadelphia Area Users category as the main way to reach each other. This is instead of setting up a mailing list or slack team. (Note: you can subscribe to discourse as a mailing list if you prefer email)

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Looks good; thanks! I’m guessing more people from the meetup will be filtering in here soon.

I started a discussion specifically for planning the May meetup at Philadelphia May 2017 Meetup, and proposed a workshop/tutorial there. I think it makes sense to propose topics/activities on a per-meeting basis, rather than continuing to add to this thread.

The proposed May meetup is now a mere three weeks away! Let’s get to planning!

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