Domains as protest

Hello! I am the founder of OpenDomain - we are “open source for domains”. We have contributed domains worth millions to open source and charities over the 20 years all for FREE. Some domains you may know include (Open Source convention), Drupal.Com, and Schema.Org to Google.
We own the domain NEOM.Org - which is fantastic as there was an announcement to launch “The world’s most ambitious project” - with over $500 BILLION investment to make a new city with clean energy, AI, robots, Art, Culture, etc. I was looking for to offer the use of the domain to promote futuristic technologies. Unfortunately, the Neom project has been overshadowed by the murder of Khashoggi and other offenses.
I recently have received an offer to buy the domain from someone that that may use to protest the Saudi actions. We are not for profit and have never sold a domain, but in reflection of the severity of the issues, I am considering it. This is a great use case of using IPFS, except I do not want to something against the community as some of the content may include something some people may consider hate speech. One of the protestors even suggested to include links to adult material to “piss off the Saudis”.
Any advice?

What you do with IPFS is between you, your conscience, and your legal jurisdiction. Our Code Of Conduct is concerned with behavior within our community itself.

However, that also applies to us. Therefore, we do reserve the right to block any requests going through the gateway for any reason. However, we usually only do this in response to legal requests to comply with US law.

Note to anyone commenting on this thread: if this discussion turns political, I will close it.

IPFS doesn’t need to be political. But let’s make sure that it doesn’t become. (reserve the right to block any requests going through the gateway) – why are there not more resources on IPFS about different gateway creation? Maybe I haven’t been looking in the right places, but I think this would alleviate some of these political questions from the Github and these forums.

I know the basic operations of a gateway – just not clear on how the gateway proceeds to interact with the main multiverse. Can you send me in the right direction?

A public gateway is just a regular node that has its gateway port (8080 by default, but the public gateways usually change it) exposed to the internet. You can access your local gateway through http://localhost:8080/ipfs/Qmhash. By default, a public gateway interacts with the rest of the swarm pretty much the same way as any other node would.