Must I access my website at ?

Hello everyone,
I am from China. It seems that China cannot open the domain name normally. It should be shielded by China’s firewall, so I have to open it through vpn. What I want to ask is that if we pass the data in China, we must use the gateway of to get our own data? Since the nodes are scattered, can I access my own data from any other node? Is there any way to get around this kind of shielding?

If you are able to run an IPFS node and if you are (maybe also legally) able to connect to the network, you should be able to use your own local node.


By using your local IPFS node you don’t need to connect to any Public Gateway. if you have problem reaching the IPFS network from your local node, or if your file is not reachable/available, then you might experience slow content retrieval.

TL;DR: Run ipfs locally and use your own node! :slight_smile: Try to avoid things that are not legal :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hello, here is a list of public gateways you can also try to access your content through:

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The point here is to keep the content accessible.
The gateway checker will not solve the problem as those are still blockable by any firewall.
Using an IPFS node will keep the content decentralised

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