Dpip - Python Package Index (pypi.org) on IPFS

Hey there,

I am starting an initiative to bring Python’s package ecosystem into IPFS. My initial proposal is currently here: https://github.com/AuHau/dpip/issues/1

I will welcome any feedback, suggestions, tips and of course help with working on this.

Let me know what you think!

A user is asking for what you proposes: Software Repository Mirrors may be a good start for IPFS
There is also a mirror of Ubuntu packages,

@koalalorenzo, what do you think about pip on IPFS?

I think that IPFS needs way more work to be production-ready before making assumptions and build products on top of it.

You don’t look the same who were happy about Ubuntu packages on IPFS (making assumptions) and even offered host to that.
But I totally agree. Your newer, more concise comment told about deduplication of packages. I believe it needs more in terms of dedup: IPFS firstly needs to look inside of compressed files and divide into objects (like git) instead of doing it for a whole file. This is the first thing before using Linux packages on IPFS, which will be a lot of duplication, a thing IPFS like to avoid.