New repo detailing ipfs as a package manager

Request: Create a new repo to store guides on IPFS as a package manager

IPFS’ use as a cross environment package manager backend (not sure if that is the right description) cannot be overstated. Using IPFS as a distributed means for delivering software updates for npm packages, go packages (gx), linux packages etc. is a brilliant usecase. Various efforts have been made to use ipfs to transport updates, see Most of these efforts actually work, however due to their somewhat hidden nature, being housed in issues and having poorly maintained IPNS records, many potential use cases for IPFS package distribution are not being utilized by the community.

In my opinion a new repo should be opened under the ipfs github org, titled package-managers or something similar. This repo would not contain any code but instead serve as an aggregation of different IPFS package management solutions. Providing links and references to gx, etc. and including simple documentation detailing the use of IPFS for things like arch linux package distribution. Maintained IPNS records should also be created to point users to mirrors like a pacman/arch-linux mirror under ipns://
IPFS for package distribution and mirroring seems like a viable usecase for onboarding a large number of new consumer nodes, but the referencing of these different package manager efforts should be aggregated in one repo instead of spread across GitHub issues.

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