Error messages/phone tethering

Hi folks! I am new here so pardon my ignorance lol.

I use my 4G mobile to tether my computer to because it’s the only internet I have. I am using Windows 10 and I have ipfs.exe in my C:/ path. I did not choose public for network permissions but I did choose private.

I did do the ‘ipfs init’ then ran the daemon with ‘ipfs daemon’ and I am getting this error:

e[0;37m05:53:38.342 e[31mERROR e[0;34m bitswap: e[0mError writing block to datastore: rename C:\Users\Jon.ipfs\blocks\SM\put-348282080 C:\Users\Jon.ipfs\blocks\SM\ Access is denied. e[0;37mbitswap.go:385e[0m

What does this mean? Thanks!