Error: Server responded with 429

I have added file to ipfs using from nodejs .I have retreived files using ipfs.files.get . There is no problem in retreiving upto 7 files looping at a time .But if the number of files is greater than 7 then i get Error: Server responded with 429.Can anyone help me to figureout my mistake?

A 429 response code means you’re sending too many requests within a given period of time and are being rate-limited. Your application should probably handle the 429 response code and take that to mean that it should throttle itself.

Ok thanks alot. I used cat and it is working fine without 429. But how long does infura guarantees the presence of the file say i need to retreive it after 6 months.Will it be possible?

I’m not sure how often garbage collection on infura is run. I’d be surprised if something you access through it alone is still around after 6 months if no one accesses it through the infura gateway for that long. I could be wrong though.

The way to be certain that something is available in IPFS is to pin it on a node you control (or pay or convince someone to pin it for you).

Ok . Thanks a lot for the promt reply.