Error when attempting peer discovery

Hi all, i’m new to Helia and IPFS as a whole, so i’d like to apologize if my question is obvious in some way.
I am trying to initialize a Helia node, however, from what i understand, it’s not being able to do peer discovery due to this error.
Problems happen both on Opera and Chrome.

Technically, you shoud be able to use your node even if it fails to connect to other peers. In fact, it’s pretty common in a p2p network for peers to come and go, which explains at least some of the connection errors you’re seeing.

To help you, can you please share the source of how you’re instantiating Helia?

By default, Helia will start libp2p which by default will try to connect to public bootstrappers.

Some of the peers in your logs are failing because the peers aren’t available, however the is likely failing because there’s a problem with the boostrapper that I’ve also noticed. I’ve reported this to the team and will share an update as soon as I hear back.

I am instantiating Helia like so, really just the default way

const helia = await createHelia();

It does work, i am able to use Helia normally, however the console gets really cluttered with those messages, making it hard to work on the rest of my project.

Yeah I totally understand you. It can be really difficult when the console gets noisy with all the logs.

I suggest watching this video on how you can fine tune some of the logs coming from Helia and libp2p in your console:

The TL;DR is that you can adjust at least some of the logs through the localStorage.debug key.

The bootstrapper should be fixed in the coming days. If you want, you can change the default bootstrappers by passing in a different configuration for Helia.
Check out this example to fine tune the network configuration including bootstrappers: