Implementing Helia

Super Excited for this to reduce dependency on gateways to communicate to nodes via the browser.

I have a couple questions in the implementation. It seems the networking example is set up using tcp which doesn’t work for in browser. I found an example in the libp2p library on how to setup web transports but it is seemingly outdated since connectionManager is no longer existing. See here for reference: js-libp2p/index.js at master · libp2p/js-libp2p · GitHub

Also it results in alot of peers being found but being unable to dial to it.

Still abit new to this but is there a example project that shows helia connecting to a kubo node via webTransport and what is required to properly configure the libp2p? Just trying to be able to run cat on a CID and direct connect to a node that I know has the data I need. Currently at IPFS thing as well.

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We just made this: GitHub - libp2p/universal-connectivity

Does the repo help you? If you need any help getting it up-and-running let me know.

A little bit! will have to dive more into it