Helia Retrievability improvements!

Hey all,

We have merged some changes that should make retrieving content with Helia much more reliable.

Main tracking issue is Update Helia to fallback to trustless HTTP gateways · Issue #274 · ipfs/helia · GitHub and this is a part of [🏆 Golden path scenario] Browsers can reliably retrieve content from any modern Kubo node providing content · Issue #255 · ipfs/helia · GitHub

Please try out the @next version of helia by running npm install --save helia@next and let us know if you still have trouble when fs.cating or otherwise retrieving IPFS content using Helia!



Thanks for putting in the work, could you please also make a small Helia Demo where I can put a CID and fetch a file content. (also show errors and logs when a file can’t be fetched, with an option to keep on retrying n times or indefinitely)

@veermetri05 there should be enough examples out there to accomplish this as it’s just basic JS for what you want to do on top of existing examples. There is some logic in GitHub - SgtPooki/helia-playground: just testing stuff with helia you could build upon.