Ethereum Dapps on IPFS?

Hi all, I’m new to blockchain and dapps development. I have spent some time to research about the correct stack use for the dapps development. I would like to know that is it the correct way to do like that.

I planning to do an dapps by

  • using the solidity by ethereum (mainly for ERC20 token purpose)
  • will host and store all images on ipfs, store data in JSON format to orbit-db
  • uport for create user account on my dapp (do i have alternative way to do this ? like straight away register account on my dapps)
  • My dapp will allow the keyholder to edit their own data instead of immutable data (is it possible?)
  • besides that i also planning to do a centralized private key storage, to hold the key for them ( because the data is important for the user, and this will be the recovery solution. Is it feasible? )


Hey, I’m the community manager for district0x, a project that has built a couple mainnet dApps (Ethlance and Name Bazaar). Feel free to come take a look and join the community to learn how we structured our dApps.

Our official chat is on Rocket Chat:

Thanks for the reply, will definitely look into it :smiley: