Exposing http-server (web app) using IPNS

One can host a static website using IPFS+IPNS. But what about a dynamic website or web app that needs to run server-side code!

Introducing IPNS-Link, which now makes it possible to expose http-servers using IPFS+IPNS.

Try it here.

Read full specs here.

Comments, issues/bug-reports and contributions welcome.

Happy hosting!

P.S.: Imagine Sci-Hub using this !! Who can block it then :smiley:

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I have a listed a few benefits/use-cases here.

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If you like this project, here’s a list of things you can help with. Be a part of IPNS-Link and contribute however you see fit.

Thanks for the goodwill :green_heart:

Updated specs up for review. Requesting comments and discussion.

Hi! You may be interested in A preliminary discussion of the “Workswap” protocol . It’s just about the dynamic features including the dynamic web-sites on IPFS. And it looks like the IPNS-Link is very close to what I’ve proposed there. Thanks in advance for any comments and suggestions!

The whole IPNS-Link project has been rebuilt from scratch. The new prototype has been announced in it’s own thread here.