A preliminary discussion of the “Workswap” protocol

Hi, IPFS community.

I would like to share and discuss the idea of the “Workswap” protocol: a possible way to run dynamic services on IPFS (i. e. a web-site with a server side code delivering unique content to each consumer).

The preliminary discussion paper is already on IPFS:


An important feature of the proposed system is that it tries to integrate with the IPFS traffic baseline – the “Bitswap” protocol, making it possible to trade dynamic content for static content (and vise versa). (And that’s why I’ve proposed WithScoreLedger option to go-ipfs about a year ago Added `WithScoreLedger` Bitswap option by wolneykien · Pull Request #430 · ipfs/go-bitswap · GitHub :wink: .)

Some known IPFS and general P2P problems that the proposed system is intended to solve:

  • dynamic web-sites on IPFS;
  • deferred delivery – preservation of undelivered messages while the
    recipient peer is offline;
  • public and personal data-pinning services.
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I’ve made a library in c# that runs a trustless system in a decentralized manner with ipfs support.
If you are interested, join this chat where I share :Telegram: Join Group Chat

A trustless system of (for) what?

For d-internet, one example use case would be an end-to-end encrypted mailing system, another example would be another crypto coin running on ipfs, and yet another example would be decentralized oauth like system providing managed read/write permission in cryptographic level, it’s actually having support for virtual file system that you can use to address ipfs’ short coming like dynamic websites since objects are immutable, the DAG for the file system is stored on the home server / gateway you own while cryptography makes sure credentials provides access to the meta-datas and objects. during transmission or storage people can’t access it. For more information you can come to the telegram group, get started today, or participate developments

It says the join link is incorrect.

I revoked the link last night, I’ve updated the link so it works