Looking for examples of functional sites hosted on IPFS

I’m interested in a list of examples for dynamic websites hosted entirely over IPFS. This includes any self-modifying site like blogs or forums or art galleries, where users can post comments or upload media files. Please mention any such sites you know of… if they’re open-source projects, their source code would be helpful to see as well.

I’m looking at the available means to store decentralized self-modifying websites. There are arguments between two different sides, one saying IPFS is only usable for static storage while others claim it’s possible to have functional websites too. I’d like to see a fully IPFS based site where people can upload content and post comments, as an example of what’s possible to achieve with IPFS at this date. I know this is doable by using IPNS or libraries like OrbitDB but couldn’t yet find anyone actually making such a site.

this is a bit difficult.
dynamic means there is one called url controller to get the input parameter, and then get the data from the input parameter, so a database is needed.

I’m also interested in hearing of any completely dynamic sites on IPFS; I’m looking at how I might build one myself. I’ve been asking in the OrbitDB chat for advice on their planned architecture for replication, but to date there’s limited tooling for that.

If filecoin will incentivise people to store the data behind an IPFS hash, there also needs to be a way to encourage people to replicate OrbitDB’s pubsub publish events, or (if using IPNS) for to republish 's IPNS records in a trustworthy manner while is offline.

Without a sustainable way of having a node’s mutable data be available to others while it is offline/unreachable the dynamic apps that we’re used to using aren’t really viable. How many distributed-twitter followers would you need following/replicating your tweet DB before it would be available at all times of day if your phone is off? Unless there’s a filecoin way of offering a small sum to pay for that replication it’s that or ask every user to have an always-on server to keep their “distributed” replica.

OrbitDB is indeed the only solution I’m aware of. I haven’t gotten around to coding anything with it yet, but I hear it should be flexible enough to allow for such a system.

I’m assuming the simplest thing that can be attempted for starters would be a blog. Followed by a forum software such as phpBB. After that we might just get around to creating an actual social media platform with it.


do you got something?

Documentation was improved, lately: https://docs.ipfs.io/how-to/websites-on-ipfs/single-page-website/

You can look for websites in .et such as ethereum.eth.link.

You can also look for blog articles explaining how it’s done.

You can look for domains in .zil or .crypto, deployed by Unstoppable Domains.

You can see the solution by Fleek, also.

I actually just posted one that we’re working on, qDesk.org - The trick is to build with p2p in mind. But as I mentioned in my post here, it’s also possible and feasible to use workarounds to support traditional concepts like requests.