Dynamic features on IPFS?

Hello all! I have a multipage wordpress site with some dynamic features such as custom contact forms, search and eCommerce, and I’m keen to deploy it on the decentralized web. What is the best way to deploy a multipage site on IPFS while retaining features like custom forms, search and eCommerce? Thanks eversomuch :slight_smile:

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TL;DR it seems impossible at today.
For now, IPFS only supports well on pure static websites. However, IPFS does have the feature to support dynamic functions which call pubsub (It enable by default in the JS-IPFS, but in Go-IPFS it’s still an experiment function).

Thank you for the reply. Maybe the solution is to point the forms to a 3rd party forms processor, like google forms?

Hi! You may be interested in A preliminary discussion of the “Workswap” protocol . It’s just about the dynamic features on IPFS. Thanks in advance for any comments and suggestions!