qDesk - Decentralized Social Network On IPFS & IPFS PubSub

We’re building a decentralized social network on qDesk.org

We’re planning to beat every other social network in features, privacy, transparency and security. The plan is to prototype everything with a stack most people can wrap their heads around (Electron/NodeJS/Angular) and then port the final specs to rust/go.

It’s also great as an example for all the people who haven’t quite figured out dynamic websites yet. The Quest OS package ( https://github.com/QuestNetwork/quest-os-js ) that is primarily used to support bots for the chat is also going to get a faux request feature soon which people could use as a drop in solution to decentralize their traditional apps, it basically just publishes for a certain topic and waits for the response, we envision this package to become something like a Google Cloud Platform alternative for p2p applications.

Eventually we’d like to build a non-profit around our modules. If you want to help/support/join us, we’d be super grateful! Just reach out =)

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