Extremely extremely low speed

extremely extremely low speed find file and why a tiny file about 100Bytes one day passed, i cannot download it from other node? What trouble me most, i can download a larger file about 1Gb from other nodes(azure VPS US). It can be downloaded, if means my source node works correctly? And locally download all fine. Network environment: location Chinese mainland, deep behind NAT.

So to help you I will need some information : Are you sure it’s not because other people are not seeding the file?

I’m new to IPFS, would you please tell me how others seeding my file, or process quickly? Appreciate!

ipfs add {filename} - - to start seeding a file, it gives back a CID you can share with other people (like magnet link)

ipfs files write {filename} --create - - to start seeding a file, it doesn’t give you a CID, you can use ipfs stat {filename} to check or browser that file in the webUI to get the CID.

ipfs get {CID} to get a file from the ipfs network if others are seeding it
ipfs cat {CID} does the same too

difference is, with ipfs add it doesn’t make a copy to seed the file, ipfs files write --raw-leaves=true can do the same

Got, but the problem’s I added file to ipfs and got a CID, I cpoy it to other machines, with ipfs desktop installed and some doesn’t. All of them cannot download the file.{file_hash} or public ipfs gateway.

it takes a while just wait, also sometimes proxy software might be a problem I am not sure.

BT use tracker so it’s faster initially, but ipfs doesn’t use tracker.

make sure all of your nodes have two-way peering relationships with all your other nodes. it’s not “necessary” but it will drastically increase the robustness of your deployment.